Steve White

Chief Executive Officer

[email protected]

From early on, Steve was a self-starter capable of realizing the vision of running his own company. After earning his electrical engineering degree from UCLA and three years as a Junior Officer in the Navy based in San Diego, Steve went to work for his father building custom homes. He later managed the California division of a solar energy firm and also worked for a commercial construction company before founding White Construction. Steve’s commitment to making sure each project was completed as promised ultimately drove him to open White Construction 30 years ago.

Steve is a diligent professional and his drive for excellence manifests itself in the manner in which client projects are managed. Providing attention to detail and follow through ensures jobs are completed on time, as promised. He empowers his employees to make decisions and demands the highest level of integrity in serving the best interests of the client. It is a philosophy that has not only made its mark on satisfied—and often repeat—clients but loyal employees as well.

Steve is a resident of Encinitas and is active in the local community. He is a member of the Fund Development Advisory Board for North County Health Services, raising money for clinics and pediatric health. White Construction also assists many non-profit organizations by donating money, employee time and expertise.

Steve enjoys playing tennis, surfing and sailing. He has two grown children, one residing in Paris, France, and the other in San Francisco. Steve is married to Brenda Gunn.