Our Clientele

Our partners are Landlords, Tenants, Commercial Brokers, and Real Estate Managers—four unique types of businesspeople, with individual perspectives and requirements. Our ability to understand our clients’ goals stems from decades of experience and knowledge.

For Landlords and Tenants, we understand that their projects often represent a significant investment in their businesses, and we offer guidance to leverage each dollar spent. Our knowledge of a vast range of industries, from healthcare to retail and manufacturing to education, ensures that we can protect clients from pitfalls and delays.

For Commercial Brokers, we bridge the gap, identifying project needs and communicating effectively to ensure success. We understand the importance of meeting tenants’ needs within the confines of their lease agreements, and we enable Commercial Brokers to have successful negotiations and outcomes.

For Real Estate Managers, we understand the challenge of serving both a diverse group of tenants and serving building owners who demand return on investment. Real Estate Managers are expected to be experts in many arenas, and we see it as our mission to help make them successful. We create project plans to fit their needs, provide budgets for lease negotiations, and communicate proactively.

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